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Are you looking for a pro email marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company - TDR to help your company succeed ?

Put an end to time-consuming mass email blasts in your marketing plan. With personalized messages and automated campaigns that adapt to user behaviour, you can start discussions that lead to conversions with Email Marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company - TDR . Track leads "after the click" using TDR's email marketing tool. Email Marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company - TDR provide complete insights on every engagement, unlike other email service providers, so you can send the perfect message at the right time and mobilize your sales force with real-time notifications

Email Marketing services in Delhi NCR

8-channel campaign mix with a lot of impact

On a single platform, figure out which channels perform best for standalone campaigns or automated customer journeys.

Engage customers through the methods they like

To make your marketing more customer-centric, utilize powerful AI algorithms to find the optimal channels for each user.


Our expert team communicates with you directly throughout our job. We take tremendous pleasure in our work and are constantly striving for perfection.

Email Marketing services in Delhi NCR
Are You Ready to Thrive with Email Marketing ?

With Email Marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company – TDR , you can get the most out of your database! Increase your open rates, click through rates, and the number of high-quality leads that turn into sales month after month. You'd smash revenue targets, and you'd be able to reward yourself for all your hard work with a bonus!

Are you looking for higher-than-average open and click-through rates ?

Take advantage of our tried-and-true email marketing strategies. It's time to eliminate the guesswork from your email marketing tactics and get the open and click-through rates you've been after with Email Marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company - TDR proven email marketing strategies that will show you month-over-month improvement and provide you with a true return-on-investment!

Are You Prepared for More Effective Email Campaigns ?

Take advantage of our money-back guarantee right now! We're so sure in our ability to assist you that we'll even guarantee outcomes – if we don't meet our agreed-upon email marketing goals, you don't have to pay us until we do!

Email Marketing services in Delhi | India | #1 Company - TDR are positive that you won't find another email marketing company that can match this deal! Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation right now!

Email Marketing services in Delhi NCR
Process we Follow
Planning & Research

We begin by learning about your brand, audience, and business, then focusing on the goals that will help us reach ROI.

Track & Measure

We set up tracking to guarantee that we can track every step of the process and created a bespoke reporting dashboard with the goals we need to meet.


We enlist the help of our email marketing professionals to generate all of the assets you'll need to see a return on your email strategy, and then we put it into action.


We design a series of tests so that we can figure out what truly works, use data to guide our decisions, and continue to improve even after we've achieved our goals.


Once we've achieved the required outcomes, we'll increase the size of your email marketing campaign.

Create eye-catching campaigns.

Create engaging and relevant emails quickly and effortlessly using our drag-and-drop builder or pre-designed templates, all while saving time.

Segmentation that is clever

Segmenting your audience will let you engage with them more effectively. Improve your conversions or sales by focusing on a smaller group of your contacts and tailoring content to their specific needs.

Email Marketing services in Delhi NCR
Why Choose us ?
  •   Ways to contact the target audience that are both innovative and effective.
  •   Client expectations and criteria must be met.
  •   We are results-oriented.
  •   A greater understanding of marketing trends and the capacity to predict your business's and company's future.
  •   We'll make you generate more revenue with customer-centric, persuasion-based writing that sells more effectively.

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I wanted to hire the best and after looking at several other companies, I knew Jacob was the perfect guy for the job. He is a true professional.

Shoko Mugikura Design Manager

Trust us we looked for a very long time and wasted thousands of dollars testing other teams, freelancers, and outsource companies.

Alexander Harvard Co Founder / CEO

This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.

Lindsay Swanson Creative Director

Their team are easy to work with and helped me make amazing websites in a short amount of time. Thanks again guys for all your hard work.

Herman Miller Creative Director
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